I'm Aswin Venkat
Developer & Security Enthusiast
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Curl Converter
A webtool that converts curl command into python etc.
Python Editor (IDE)
Playground for python beginners to practice in online
Books Database
Free PDF books for students and professionals
Chrome Extenstions
Super Tool
All of your MX record, DNS, blacklist and SMTP diagnostics in one integrated tool
Turbo Recon
A reconnaissance tool for faster subdomain enumeration with DNS record checker
Alpha Checker
A security scanner that scans the domain and server for vulnerabilities
VScode Extensions
LibAnalyzer (SCA)
A VS code extension to find vulnerable libraries in your project
NPM Packages
APK Downloader (Bulk)
A npm package to download google playstore apps
Python Packages
Selena (social engineering)
Find the developers and owned company of a github repository